Confirmed Trade Mission at Infosec Week

29/09/2014 10:46

On 8th October, during the Infosec Week, the ShadowSEC and UKTI bring up to Lisbon a dedicated day to internationalization of companies.


Some companies such (BAE Systems, Torchlight Group, Infogov, Reuse Recycle IT and ShadowSEC International) will be coming to Lisbon to explore potential partnerships and business opportunities with their portuguese counterparts. During the afternoon of 8 October, after the presentations taking place in the morning, some portuguese delegates will have the opportunity to have bilateral meetings with the british speakers.


Do not miss this opportunity if your company is considering the UK market as a possible location for business, or if you are looking for partners that can complement your offer to deliver relevant projects.

Further details of the companies that will be attending: Click HERE 


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